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Kleenex Taiwan hosts Earth Day Rainforest Party to promote forest conservation

News   •   May 30, 2017 12:57 +08

As a leading household tissue brand and pioneer in promoting FSC certification, a highly recognized international sustainable forest management scheme, Kleenex Taiwan partnered with the local Hsinchu government to organize a rainforest themed party at Hsinchu City Zoo on April 22.In celebration of Earth Day, hundreds of families joined the event where they learnt about sustainable forest management concepts and how their choice of FSC certified products protects the natural habitat of endangered species.

“By applying responsible and sustainable management approaches and certification, we can do our part to protect the rainforest and species living there,” said Samuel Phan, Managing Director of Kimberly-Clark Taiwan. He also highlighted Kleenex Taiwan’s vision to lead in the marketplace by providing the best quality products manufactured with the highest standard of sustainable practices. Kleenex Taiwan introduced its first FSC certified tissue products in 2009 and has continuously taken the lead in sustainability. Since 2011, the full range of its products has received FSC certification.

Hui-Hung Shen, Deputy Mayor of Hsinchu City Government, expressed her appreciation to Kimberly-Clark Taiwan for its ongoing efforts to promote products made from resources and materials from sustainably managed forest that can safeguard forest and environment. She also mentioned the 81 year-old Hsinchu zoo will soon be closed for renovation for a year. The refreshed zoo will provide animals with more pleasant “homes” similar to their primitive habitats. The shared goal between Kleenex Taiwan and the local city government is to encourage action from individuals to extend their love of animals toward the rainforest, home to many endangered species.

Sharing his story about seeing a rainforest in Southeast Asia being cleared to make way for a palm tree plantation, actor and former travel program host Chris Wang urged everyone to choose FSC certified products to help stop deforestation.Participants at the event were also treated to a series of interactive activities including a carnival style parade, FSC-themed quiz and animal face-painting.

In addition to the event, Kleenex Taiwan is continuing its long standing commitment to promote forest conservation education in elementary schools. It supported non-profit organization Chinese Society for Environmental Education (CSEE) to conduct a training program for fifth and six graders at 20 elementary schools in Taipei.Through the 80-minute course, they learnt about the sustainable forest management concept behind FSC and everyday actions they could take to help protect forests.Since the campaign’s introduction in 2014, it has successfully reached out to more than 5,100 students and teachers.

Samuel Phan, Managing Director of Kimberly-Clark Taiwan (third from left), Hui-Hung Shen, Deputy Mayor of Hsinchu City Government (middle), and actor Chris Wang (second from right), led families and kids in a parade to drive awareness of protecting rainforests for the preservation of endangered species.

Kids learn through a stage show how FSC-certified products are helping to protect the forest.

A wefie with an environmental message.