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Ensuring no baby goes unhugged with Singapore's first community diaper bank

News   •   Dec 26, 2017 15:56 +08

Kimberly-Clark has joined hands with Singapore's government agencies to create the country's first community diaper bank.

A partnership with People’s Association and the South West Community Development Council, the Huggies Singapore Diaper Bank @ South West will provide a million diapers over three years to the district’s low-income families with babies.  By providing this essential baby-care item to families in need, the program will help defray the costs of diapers for these families.

The diaper bank was officially inaugurated by Ms Low Yen Ling, Mayor of South West District and Mr Achal Agarwal, President, Asia-Pacific, Kimberly-Clark at the Jurong Spring Community Club on Monday, 11 December.

“Diapers are an essential part of childcare and can account for a big portion of daily costs. This can be quite hefty when the children are still young. The diaper bank will be big plus to families-in-need. We hope this will bring them much-needed relief and help parents focus well on bringing up the children. The South West CDC is delighted that our corporate partner Kimberly-Clark is joining hands with us to build strong families and a caring and inclusive South West,” said Mayor Low.

Said Mr Achal Agarwal, President, Asia-Pacific, Kimberly-Clark: “We are proud to partner with the South West CDC to create Singapore’s first community diaper bank. Over the next three years, the Huggies Singapore Diaper Bank @ South West will provide a million free diapers to families in need, which will provide comfort and care to an estimated 3,000 babies. It is Kimberly-Clark’s way of supporting the SG Cares movement and foster a more inclusive society. As the manufacturer of the iconic Huggies brand of baby diapers, we are committed to supporting families on their parenthood journey by helping all babies have access to this essential item of babycare. We are especially delighted that the diapers being provided through this initiative are ‘Made in Singapore’, at our state-of-the-art production facility in Tuas.”

As part of Kimberly-Clark’s efforts to support parents with babies, the diaper bank also caters for special-needs cases such as pre-term babies, by providing Huggies’ line of specialist ‘preemie diapers’ free of charge through KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital.